Dolato Strain Indica Hybrid Marijuana Cannabis Flowers

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Dolato Strain Indica Hybrid Marijuana Cannabis Flowers

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Dolato Strain Indica Hybrid Marijuana Cannabis Flowers

Are you looking for dolato strain indica hybrid? Do you need  dolato strain indica hybrid marijuana cannabis flowers? Then you should definitely try this dolato strain indica. One of the most frequently used cannabis products by users looking for online weed and cannabis stores is the marijuana flower.

What is Dolato? What does Dolato mean?

Dolato is an Indica dominant hybrid strain known for creating a soothing calmness without sedation. Both of its parent strains are named after the delicious toffee, so Dolato’s terpene profile is sweet.

Dolato’s name comes from the combination of its parents’ names: Gelato and Do-Si-Dos. Gelato and Do-Si-Dos are also quite delicious.

Dolato is a cross of two main strains from the Cookies family, Gelato and Do-Si-Dos.

How does Dolato taste?

The aroma of Dolato is sweet and floral.

How does Dolato smell?

Dolato has a sweet earthy scent.

What effects does Dolato have?

Dolato has calming, relaxing and euphoric effects.

What types are there in the genetic lineage?

Dolato (Hybrid), Do Si Dos (Hybrid), Gelato 41 (Hybrid), Face Off OG (Indica), GSC (Hybrid), Thin Mint GSC (Hybrid), Sunset Sherbet (Hybrid), OK Kush (Hybrid), Durban Poison (Sativa – African Origin), Pint Panties (Hybrid)

THC and CBD potency may vary.

In their feedback, our customers say Dolato is an excellent product for brainstorming sessions, with boosts in mood and being able to focus their minds and energies.

Common side effects include feeling dehydrated and dry eyes. After drinking some water, you will be back to normal. But when it’s taken to the extreme, the situation is different. In the worst case, complete dizziness and muscle spasms await you. So the hard hitters have to distance themselves from Dolato.

Used Dolato as and when needed. Don’t be addicted!


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