Gelato 33 Hybrid Weed Strain Marijuana Cannabis

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Gelato 33 Hybrid Weed Strain Marijuana Cannabis

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Hybrid Marijuana Strain | Gelato | Gelato 33 | Gelato 33 Hybrid

What is Gelato 33 Hybrid Weed Strain Marijuana Cannabis?

Gelato 33 hybrid weed strain marijuana cannabis is a hybrid Sherban strain variant by passing the Sunset Sherbet and thin Mint GSC. Like other Gelato phenotypes, Gelatatu 33 Hybrid, buds are covered with green and fiery orange bristles in dark green. Gelato 33 Hybrid Weed Strain Marijuana Cannabis with sweet citrus and fruit flavors is a refreshing and energetic product that is perfect for any after-business activity after a long day. Our customers who use a purchase are satisfied are they are satisfied. Best hybrid marijuana strain.

Gelato 33 Hybrid Weed Strain Marijuana Cannabis | Gelato Strain | Gelato 33 Strain

Gelato 33 Hybrid Effects:

Focused, relaxed, happy

Is Gelato a hybrid 33?

Gelato #33 is a balanced, strong hybrid originating from San Francisco. Similar to Gelato, it is crossed between Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbert, with its own powerful attributes.

Is Gelato a hybrid or sativa?

Gelato is a smooth, fruity hybrid strain that is a cross of Thin Mint GSC and Sherbert (or Sunset Sherbert). Originating from Cookie Fam Genetics out of San Francisco, California, Gelato has a sweet aroma relating to its namesake.

Is Gelato #33 indica or sativa?

Our Gelato 33 is an indica-dominant hybrid with dense buds and bright orange hairs and the flower color ranges from purple to green. The uplifting effects of this strain are as enjoyable as its taste.

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