Bloom Cannabis Oil Vape 1000mg Maui Wowie

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Bloom Cannabis Oil Vape 1000mg Maui Wowie


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Bloom Classic highlights including Maui Wowie the compounds that make up each strain. All Bloom carts crafted with 99% pure terpenes and a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, each vape delivers bold flavor and consistent effects.

Maui wowie available in 1000mg cartridges.

With Maui Wowie Cannabis Cartridges you can feel relaxed, uplifted, euphoric.

Buy bloom vape cannabis oil in! Best Maui Wowie Strain!

Maui wowie cartridge flavour and aromas are tropical, citrus, mango with haze-like notes.

The effects are uplifting into a tropical euphoria with delightful buzz.

Maui wowie weed strain THC content is from 80-90% per vape.

If you’re looking to explore more of cannabis oil vape cartridge (bloom Maui Wowie cartridge) and vape pen cannabis cartridge (bloom vape cannabis) check out our product page! Please let us know if there is anything wrong with your order and we will do our best to resolve the issue. Because your happiness is our 1 top priority.


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