Stiiizy Hybrid Dub Breath - Live Resin Pod 1g

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Stiiizy Hybrid Dub Breath - Live Resin Pod 1g


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Stiiizy’s Dub Breath is a punchy blend of Motor Breath and Sour Dubb, with notes of sweet berries, fuel and citrus. The highs provide an uplifting euphoria and a full-body buzz to balance it out. True floral flavors from Fuel blend with notes of coffee and pepper. The effect is right in the middle of a 50/50 hybrid, leaving you floating in euphoric heaven.

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Stiiizy Pod – extracted straight from lately gathered, quick-frozen cannabis plants, STIIIZY’s Live Resin (Stiiizy Dub Breath) preserves the initial flavor and provides full- spectrum cannabis extract. Cartridge thc (thc pods) released seasonally in small packages, this craft cannabis offers a synergy between cannabinoids and terpenes for the supreme entourage.

Stiiizy Flavor: 

Peppery, Citrus, Herbal

Stiiizy Dub Breath Feel: 

Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric

This potent hybrid boasts head and body effects and a strong diesel flavor.

Stiiizy Cartridge Application Instructions:

Insert STIIIZY pod into a charged STIIIZY battery (Sold Separately). Inhale until desired dosage is met.

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