Medicated Nerds Rope Amazing Grape&Cherry Lemonade 420mg

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Medicated Nerds Rope Amazing Grape&Cherry Lemonade 420mg


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Medicated nerds rope – super potent formula! Nerds rope thc yummies will fulfill your sweet adult hunger while also providing a hefty 420mg of THC in a single box! Altogether, nerd ropes covered in delicious, crunchy nerds satisfy both your sweet tooth and soul. After all, the perfect treat after a long working day. Medicated nerds ropes are super sweet and pretty fun. Medicated Nerds Rope with grape and cherry flavor is one of the tastiest options that you have amongst the different edibles available in the market. Medicated Nerds Rope Amazing Grape&Cherry lemonade – 420 mg THC per rope.

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Nerds Rope Effects:

This mighty awesome candy takes only 60 minutes to fully kick in! Edibles effects are long-lasting and powerful, including euphoric head effects and relaxation of your body. Unlike vaping or smoking, nerd rope edibles are metabolized in a completely different way since they are taken via the stomach.

Nerds Rope Ingredients:

Medicated nerd ropes  – organic cane sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, citric acid, cannabis extract, color, Blue 1 Lake, Blue 2 Lake, Red 40, Yellow 5, White beeswax, voteable oil.

Nerds Rope Dosage:

 If it’s your first time, 5mg of THC will be enough. When you become accustomed to it, you may increase the dosage to 10mg, but the standard dose is 5mg.

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