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One Up Gummies Shroomberry


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One Up gummies brand has done it again with the One Up Magic Mushroom Gummies and they are absolutely awesome. Aromatic and rich psilocybin strawberry reminds us of a basket of plump, sun-ripened strawberries. If you don’t want to chew on yucky tasting mushrooms and want to ingest a tasty treat instead, this is the product for your special benefit! Each one up edibles gummies bag consists of 2.5 grams of your favorite strain with a delicious kick! With One Up Gummies psychedelic yummies, you can choose to either micro-dose or go on a full magical journey. In any case, you’ll be pleasantly surprised as you feel happiness or go on a miraculous trip. 10 pieces per bag, 2.5 grams per bag, 0.25 grams per piece.

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One Up Gummies Shroomberry Effects:

One Up Gummies – in normal circumstances, microdosing will not speed up your brain or cognitive function, but happiness is not attained in the realm of the short term. Perhaps it is time to slow down and enjoy the here and now. Expect slightly enhanced empathy, fulfillment and pleasant vibrations however attention and focus on tasks or communication may slow down just a wee bit.

One Up Gummies Shroomberry Dosage:

1 gummy for beginners and microdosing, up to 3-7 gummies to experience the shroom high and for therapeutic purposes, 8-12 pieces for shamanic adventure.

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