One Up Psilocybin Mushrooms Tagalongs

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One Up Psilocybin Mushrooms Tagalongs


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Medical Marijuana (One Up Psilocybin mushrooms Tagalongs 3.5 grams per bag) – Tagalongs, crispy vanilla cookies layered with peanut butter, covered with a chocolate coating and infused with psilocybin, give this incredible combination of magic mushrooms and chocolate, thus possessing such powers. Weed chocolate bar  (edibles marijuana)  is the best products as it take away the bitter taste of shrooms and give you a creamy chocolate taste. People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, panic or anxiety attacks can use psychedelic magic shrooms as a natural healing remedy.

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One Up Psilocybin Mushrooms Effects:

Cannabis chocolate bar – psilocybin provides you with various benefits including the mood-altering impact. Reaction time after the intake of One Up Psilocybin mushrooms Tagalongs (medical marijuana edibles) is about 20-30 minutes. Changes may start affecting your eye vision and your surroundings. Moreover, feeling of time may also change. You may have sparkles of shining lights opening up, giving you a completely strange experience which is also known as a psychedelic trip that makes you feel satisfied.

One Up Psilocybin Mushroom Chocolate Bar Dosage:

1 square for beginners and micro dosing, up to 3-7 squares to experience the shroom high and for therapeutic purposes, 8-12 pieces for shamanic adventure.

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