PolkaDot Magic Belgian Mushroom Chocolate Raspberry Muffin

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PolkaDot Magic Belgian Mushroom Chocolate Raspberry Muffin


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Polkadot magic mushroom is one of the tried-and-true natural medicines in the world. A bar of crave-worthy chocolate (PolkaDot Mushroom Chocolate) will help you win your day or make it an adventure depending on how you choose to dose. Every polkadot mushroom bar is filled with a measure of 3.5g mushroom which is one of the best forms of microdosing available in the mushroom chocolate sector for both consumers who have little tolerance and those who can also resist high doses. polka dot mushroom chocolate (polka dot raspberry muffin) replace the bitter mushroom tastes with a sweet, creamy and smooth taste of raspberry muffin. Polka Dot Shroom Bars Berries&Cream is a blend of dried berries and Belgian white chocolate.

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Polka Dot Mushroom Bar Effects:

Polka Dot Raspberry Muffin hides the fungi flavor and you can eat one square at a time. 20-30 minutes after ingestion of polka dot mushroom bars you will notice the distortion of space and time, bright, beautiful colors, visual deformations, mystical figures, euphoria and happiness. PolkaDot chocolate bars are medicinal and offer healing abilities. polka dot mushroom chocolate bar reduces stress and depression, stimulates brain cell growth, increases focus, and sharpens your senses. polkadot magic belgian mushroom chocolate can battle an addiction to substances such as cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

Polka Dot Mushroom Bar Dosage:

1-3 pieces, stimulate the mind; 4-9 pieces, mindful and elevated; 10-15 pieces, walls might melt.

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