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Runtz Gummies Original


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Go on a miraculous stroll with Runtz Gummies Original.  Runtz Strain a real ripe berry that you can pick all year round. For those who love just-picked sweet berries. Runtz edible gummies will guarantee a mouth full of a head-spinning flavor, and as always packed with the perfect amount of THC per gummy. Runtz Gummies Original – 50 g; contains 10 Delta-8 gummies per bag; 500 mg THC per bag.

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Runtz Gummies Effects:

A fresh balance of sweet and tangy taste will leave you wanting more. Runtz gummies berries (edibles thc) are made with real fruit and enhanced with botanical terpenes that may assist in creating euphoric and energizing experiences. Known for a balanced high, along with effects such as cerebral stimulation. Ideal for keeping you focused on the task at hand, refining your creative endeavors, or even better, getting you out on your next trip! Runtz gummies original (delta 8 thc edibles )will definitely take any stoner to a new high!  

Runtz Gummies Ingredients:

Sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, coconut oil, cannabis extract, natural and artificial flavor and color. The calming, indica-like terpenes pair with notes of wild blackberry and fresh raspberry for a laid-back weekend vibe.

Runtz Gummies Dosage:

Start with 1 piece and wait at least 2 hours to see how it affects you before adding more.

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