Skittlez Medicated Gummies Set

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Skittlez Medicated Gummies Set


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Taste the fruit-flavored mix infused with premium Delta-8 THC – skittlez medicated original, skittlez medicated wild berry, skittlez medicated tropical. Forget gummy bears and gummy worms, enjoy gummy candy awesomeness with soft and juicy Skittlez Gummies instead. There are three flavors available: Skittlez Medicated Original 600mg, Skittlez Medicated Wild Berry 600mg and Skittlez Medicated Tropical 600mg. Original Skittlez is a rare and beautiful cannabis strain. Skittlez gummies THC  strain has cerebral highs aimed to please any stoner. It is typically 12-18% THC, so while not the most potent Skittlez strain globally, the high is powerful, long-lasting, and amazingly psychedelic. Wild Berry strain is Indica-dominant known for its high terpene profile. Wild Berry Skittlez’ popularity is due to its powerful THC level and its sweet, delicious berry flavor and aroma. Tropical Skittlez has the terpene profile that gives it a scent similar to tropical flavor candy. Its fruity, exotic aroma intensifies and makes your mouth water. Skittlez Medicated Gummies Set 600 mg THC per pack.

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Skittlez Edibles Effects:

Delta-8 edibles and smokables are a fantastic option for those who would like to mitigate the likelihood of paranoia or anxiety. Skittlez edibles a potent cerebral high induces a strong feeling of euphoria, which dominates the initial stages of its effects. As the physical Indica-dominant impact later takes over, a sense of sedation emerges. A great way to recline after work, liven up a walk, spice up your chores, or recover from a workout.

Skittlez Edibles Dosage:

We recommend taking one THC Skittlez at one time. Check up on your wellbeing in a couple of hours and take an additional piece if needed. We are all different and have higher or lower tolerances.

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