Smashed Gold Cubes Sour Grape 500mg THC

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Smashed Gold Cubes Sour Grape 500mg THC


Smashed Gold Cubes Sour Grape THC Infused 500 mg

THC infused Smashed gold cubes are delicious and highly potent edibles satisfying every user.

25 Sour Mango Cubes in the jar, each cube contains 20mg THC allowing you to microdose discreetly.

Smashed Gold Cubes are produced in Los Angeles and provide a great alternative for those who want to medicate without smoking.  The Smashed gold Sour Grape cubes are made with natural ingredients and THC level is carefully dosed for your satisfaction.

Smashed Gold Cube Sour Grape Effects

Smashed Sour Grape Gold is a sativa-dominant hybrid, which provide an effects  of energising and mind “high” along with anxiety-reducing. Taking sativa-dominant strains allow you to feel productive and creative.

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