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Stoneo Cookies Set


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Stoneo Cookies 500mg are always packaged fresh and made with high-quality distillate to ensure an earthy flavor and high. If you are the type of stoner who wants to have fun, you might want to dive into Stoneo cookies.  Of course, there are a lot of reviews when it comes to weed edibles, but it is indeed the moment of glory for Delta 8 THC cookies. There are four available flavors. Stoneo Birthday Cake, a Stoneo chocolate sandwich filled with a flavored creme and colorful sprinkles. Stoneo Double Stuf, like real Oreo, but much better. Stoneo Peanut Butter, a nutty, yummy, perfect snack for the colder weather. Chocolate, a delight full of antioxidants which is known to lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation. Stoneo Cookies Set – 2 cookies, 250mg each, 500 mg THC per package.

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Stoneo Cookies Effects:

When we consume thc edibles like cookies, we can experience the effects for longer periods of time, as it stays in the endocannabinoid system for several hours.  THC Edibles can take one to three hours to take effect since it is the time of work through the body’s digestive tract. Once an ingredient becomes active in the bloodstream, the effects tend to be relatively subtle, but extremely useful. The effects experienced after consuming cannabis-infused edibles cause more sedative and relaxing feelings. The body is mellow and therefore pain and discomfort are gradually soothed.

Stoneo Cookies Dosage:

We advise everyone to start off slow. While it is common to eat a whole piece, some consumers find that half is quite enough. Experiment with different portions to get to know what dosage is preferable for you.

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