Stoner Patch Gummies Set Watermelon, Teddy bears

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Stoner Patch Gummies Set Watermelon, Teddy bears


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Stoner Patch Gummies 500mg – the toothsome medicated patches are the stoniest gummies you’ll ever try! 500mg Thc Edibles being a top choice often recommended for beginners packs a strong punch to recede mild pain. It is advisable to consume with caution because first, they are sour, then they are sweet… then you are stoned. Stoner Patch Dummies are tasty, easy to consume and perfect for anyone who wants to support their endocannabinoid system with what the super plant offers. Each pack contains 10 tasty snacks in various savory fruit flavors. Satisfy your sweet cravings and enjoy the effects of THC (Delta 8 Thc Edibles) on the go with these handy sweets. Stoney Patch gummies are so tasty that it can be extremely difficult not to eat the whole bag all at once! Try Stoner Patch Watermelon. The watermelon patch gives its own flavor with a pungent twist added to the sour watermelon gummy bear. Do not pass by Stoney Patch either! Stoner Patch Gummies Set – 10 gummies, 50mg THC per piece, 500mg THC per package.

Stoner Patch Gummies Watermelon  | Stoner Patch Gummies 500mg Watermelon | Stoner Patch Gummies Watermelon Delta 8 Candy 500mg

Stoner Patch Gummies Effects:

These are pharmaceutical candies which will make you feel euphoric, mellow and out of this world consuming at the proper dosage. Stoner Patch edibles impact a powerful but controllable punch. You will feel exhilarated because this edible energizes your entire body and relaxes the muscles. The feeling of being “high” are intense and perceptible.

Stoner Patch Gummies Dosage:

Please start small and go slow with edibles. Start off with two gummies and gradually work your way up after an hour to see how you feel. Individual tolerance will vary.

Stoner Patch Gummies Ingredients:

Cannabis oil, sugar, citric acid, tartaric acid, natural flavors, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 40, Blue 1.

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