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Crumble SFV OG


Looking for Crumble SFV OG Weed Strain Marijuana Cannabis with the best effect? You can order now so we can deliver Crumble SFV OG Weed Strain Marijuana Cannabis, a product with positive reviews and feedback.

Crumble SFV OG has names also known as “San Fernando Valley OG“, “San Fernando Valley Kush” and “San Fernando Valley“. Crumble SFV OG is a sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain. As the name suggests, this OG Kush relative hails from California’s San Fernando Valley. Although their names are not easily recognizable, the SFV OG Kush is actually the Afghan hybrid offspring of SFV OG.

Crumble SFV OG has a citrus flavor that will surely please your taste buds. It consists of a sweet and pine-rich terpene profile. SFV OG Crumble offers consumers relief from ailments such as nausea, anxiety, depression and inflammation.

Crumble SFV OG effects:

Relaxed, Happy, Focused, Dry mouth, Dry eyes, Dizzy, Pain, Stress, Anxiety

Use crumble-sfv-og Crumble SFV OG Weed Strain Marijuana Cannabis as and when needed. Don’t be addicted!


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