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Crumble White Cookies


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As an Indica strain at heart, Weed white cookies offers the delicious total-body relaxation you associate with the very best strains. The White Cookies strain is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. White cookies weed strain will also make people feel giggly and happy, which makes it a great choice for those looking to relax and enjoy their daily routine. Best weed from cookies in USA!

White Cookies weed is best to be enjoyed by experienced users since it features a very strong and potent THC level. Beginners and users with a low tolerance should be cautious of the dose they use to avoid couch-lock. White cookies weed will give you an uplifting euphoria that relaxes the body, enhances the mood, and relieves pain. Soon a deep relaxing effect will wash over you, leaving your physical form at ease and giving you a pretty sharp pang of hunger at times. 

Marijuana strain flavor and scent alone are what bring many users back to this strain over and over again as it smells like all of your favorite cookies rolled into one.  Weed edibles notes of sweet vanilla, mint chocolate, and a bit of earth all dance around your nose and mouth, with a burst of peppery bite upon exhale working wonderfully at cutting through its sweeter leanings.

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