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Throughout history, people all over the world have consumed marijuana flowers for various reasons. Some do it for recreational purposes, others assert the religious significance of doing it, yet others use marijuana for its medicinal qualities.

Marijuana’s effect on your health and the quality of your experience depends on whether the flower is rich in THC or CBD since the two have different psychological and physiological effects.


Tetrahydrocannabinol is a psychoactive compound because it affects the brain, mainly the parts responsible for coordination, cognition and pleasure. It’s the compound that makes you stoned. But THC also reduces anxiety, helps with insomnia and relieves neurological spasms.


Cannabidiol doesn’t produce any psychedelic effects. It alleviates pains, helps with migraines, relieves stress and makes you feel less depressed. If you were taking CBD in its pure form, you’d feel “cool” yet sober.

Marijuana Flowers

The two types of marijuana flowers contain THC and CBD in different proportions.

  • Cannabis Indica

This flower is rich in THC. You become stoned, feel euphoric and experience its psychedelic effects. If that’s why you use marijuana, Indica is your flower.

  • Cannabis Sativa

This strain contains more CBD. Many people consume cannabis for its positive physiological and emotional effects, but they’d rather not trip, nor do they want to feel stoned. If you can relate to that, Sativa is a more suitable option for you.

How to Use Marijuana Flower

Many users smoke marijuana, which is the worst way to consume it for the following reasons:

1. Inhaling smoke has adverse effects on your health, and it ruins your lungs and teeth too.
2. High temperatures destroy THC and CBD, and even the contact with the burning end of a joint is hot enough to do that.
3. You exhale approximately 60% of what you inhale. Besides, THC and CBD can’t get absorbed so fast anyway. So, a joint is a waste, effectively.

  • Eating

The most effective and healthiest way is to mix marijuana with food. The thermal processing shouldn’t be too long, though, nor the temperature too high. And be easy on spices and oil.

  • Alternative Ways

You can also make marijuana tea, put cannabis leaves and flowers in your bath or even in your pillowcase. Marijuana has more positive effects on your health and state of mind when you use it in a variety of different ways.

  • Vaping

In a recent survey, more than half of marijuana users said they prefer to vape it, 80% of vapers thought it was the healthiest way to use weed, and one-third even testified to its more effective symptom relief. True or not, but many cartridges have chambers specifically for marijuana.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the two types of flowers look different?

Yes, they do, but not much. Besides, it is almost impossible to determine a proportion of THC to CBD in any flower without a laboratory test.

Is cannabis bad for health?

No, it isn’t. On the contrary, medical scientists have discovered its numerous positive effects on our health if consumed moderately. Nevertheless, smoking is bad in itself, which is why it’s better not to smoke it. Plus, cannabis abuse can produce negative mental and emotional states, such as listlessness, anxiety, and paranoia.

Does marijuana cause addiction?

No, it doesn’t. Not a physiological one, at least. But nicotine does, so you might experience addiction if you mix marijuana with tobacco to roll joints.