The Dankwoods Blunts

The Backwoods is a famous tobacco company that started producing top-quality cigars in the United States in the 70s. Their cigars sell very well mainly because they use leaves of Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco strain for wrappers. Those leaves are also perfect for making firm and enjoyable blunts.

The Dankwoods blunts are made from Backwoods cigars. In case you’re not familiar with the term, the blunt refers to a cigar emptied of its tobacco contents and filled with marijuana. And that’s precisely what the Dankwoods company decided to offer their customers – Backwoods cigars stuffed with weed.

The original idea was to market a cannabis product that would hit quickly and be easy to use. But Dankwoods have gone a few steps further since then.


Essential Features of Dankwoods Blunts

The Dankwoods brand only uses high-quality, 90%-THC marijuana strains, mainly from California, such as Gorilla Glue.

They dip their blunts in a highly saturated THC solution and then coat them with kief.

With time, their blunts have increased in size too. A typical Dankwoods blunt these days amounts to approximately six joints.

Next, they developed a virtually infinite variety of flavours, including fruits, berries and even a rum flavour for an extra hit.

In addition, you can now choose between CBD blunts for a smooth and healing smoke and THC ones to get proper stoned.

Finally, Dankwoods have begun to make blunts with ceramic filters for a safer and more enjoyable smoke.


Benefits of Dankwood Blunts

1. They’re comparatively easy on your throat, as the smooth Backwoods wrapper balances the rough ganja smoke.

2. Blunts are an excellent solution for first-timers and occasional smokers who cannot roll joints.

3. The combination of the potent Californian weed and delicious Backwoods wrappers makes for a particularly intense and enjoyable experience.

4. Dankwoods blunts leave a pleasant scent instead of stinking like many joints.


Drawbacks of Dankwoods Blunts

1. Enjoyable though the wrapper may be, it’s still tobacco, which is very bad for your health.

2. There are many low-quality and sometimes even dangerous versions of them on the market these days.


Frequently Asked Questions


What’s a wrapper?

The term refers to the outer leaf of a cigar. It contributes from one-third to a half of the cigar’s overall flavour.


What’s a kief?

It’s the purest THC concentrate traditionally compressed into hash.


Are the Dankwoods blunts addictive?

The weed inside isn’t. But the wrapper is a tobacco leaf, which contains addictive nicotine.


Are the Dankwoods blunts legal?

No, they aren’t. On the contrary, Dankwoods blunts are strictly prohibited, which is why you’ll be happy to know that our delivery and purchase transactions are 100% confidential.

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