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Cannabis edibles are a popular choice among marijuana users. They are easy to use, discreet, and come in many different flavors.

Best Edibles With Discreet Shipping

THEHOLLYWEED – STORE offers you a great selection of edibles for medicinal and recreational purposes. Try our weed gummies, mints, hard candies, chocolate, drinks, capsules, and more. Explore all the different options we have in store. Your order will be discreetly packaged and delivered anywhere within the US (check the FAQ for exceptions).

How Are Cannabis Edibles Metabolized?

Weed edibles are metabolized in the liver. Your genetics play a huge role in how fast you will experience the effect of consumable marijuana. If you have slow liver metabolism, wait for an hour or two for the high to arrive. On the plus side, you’ll stay euphoric and relaxed for much longer.

Benefits of Choosing Edible Cannabis Products

Edibles are great for people who love a slow, smooth, long-lasting high. If you have a sweet tooth, we have treats for you! Enjoy the recreational powers of marijuana without the smoke, the smell, and some other consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use edibles to help me with insomnia?
A: There are many personal stories and even some scientific studies that show the benefits of cannabis-infused treats. They can help you with short-term sleep problems. However, we strongly advise you to see a medical professional first.

Q: How do I know if the edibles are right for me?
A: Edibles have a much longer-lasting effect than smoking or inhaling weed vapor. But they are relatively slow to work. If you have chronic pain, you should probably try edibles. If you want fast-acting relief, try other marijuana products instead. If being discreet is important for you and you don’t want the smell of weed on your clothes, THC and CBD-infused treats are the way to go.

Q: I have never tried weed edibles, how much should I eat?
A: The general rule for newbies is to start with a low dose and then observe your reaction to marijuana. For weed consumables, the low dose is 5 mg of THC. If you are afraid that you might be sensitive to weed products, start with half the dose. Try just one gummy, a mint, or a weed capsule. For regular users, the dose is between 10-15 mg of THC.

Q: How much time should I wait before taking more?
A: It’s no secret that edibles provide the slowest high. Some people consume too much because they haven’t waited long enough for the product to take effect. We recommend waiting up to 2 hours between the first and the second doses if you don’t want to risk a bad trip.