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Statistically, over 50% of weed users prefer to vape it, 80% of them believe vaping cannabis is even healthier than eating it, and 35% report its better therapeutic effects too.
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Benefits of Vaping Marijuana

There are several advantages of vaping weed over smoking it.

1. It’s less toxic and easier on your throat.

2. It takes less cannabis to produce the same effect.

3. Vapes smell less than a joint and leave virtually no odour afterwards.

4. Preparing a vape is a lot easier than rolling a joint.

5. It starts working almost instantly, which gives it an advantage over all other methods, especially eating.

Types of Weed Vapes

There are three types of vapes available.

Vape Pens

  • The most compact and portable, as its name suggests
  • The highest functionality and convenience
  • The lowest efficiency and reported satisfaction

Portable Vapes

  • A larger version of the pen
  • Lower functionality and convenience
  • Higher efficiency and reported satisfaction

Desktop Vapes

  • Cumbersome and transportable in a 4X4 only
  • The lowest functionality and convenience
  • The highest efficiency and reported satisfaction

There are three types of portable vapes/pens on the market.

Herb Vapes are most common among regular vapers.

Oil Vapes are popular among first-timers and occasional vapers. They are easy to look after, and you can buy disposable ones too.

Wax Vapes are the most expensive and potent type.

How to Use Weed Vapes

1. Make sure your vape is well-charged.

2. Fill the weed container in your cartridge and close it. If you use the dry flower, grind it first. The finer you do it, the better it works. And don’t overload the container, or the vape won’t heat properly.

3. Set the temperature and wait for it to rise to the right degree.

4. Now you’re ready to use it. If you feel you’re not inhaling enough vapour, you might have to increase the temperature. If you choke excessively, the temperature is probably too high. You’ll learn your optimal temperature with practice.

5. Finally, when you’ve finished, empty the container and clean it with a brush.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly do you get stoned from vaping?

As with all other methods, it depends on the type of weed and your tolerance. Most people say it takes 0.5 – 3 minutes.

How do you look after your vape cartridge?

The only two things you have to do regularly are cleaning it and checking that the battery is well-charged.

What is the right temperature for vaping weed?

That depends on your puffing. Most vapers find about 200 °C to be an optimal temperature for easy inhalation and the best effect.

Is vaping THC wax addictive?

Cannabis doesn’t cause physiological addiction, no matter which cannabis product or method of consumption you use. The act of vaping, however, seems to be just as addictive as the act of smoking.