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Weed wax is hash oil in concentrated form. It can look like a very thick, gooey, honey-colored liquid or resemble pieces of amber. Weed wax has one of the highest concentrations of THC among marijuana products. The best top-shelf flowers contain up to 30% THC, while the average potency of cannabis wax ranges from 60 to 80%.

There are some wax concentrates that go well above 90% THC. It is the equivalent of 20 joints. You can imagine the high.

THC wax is generally used for dabbing but can be also smoked in a bong or a regular pipe.

Benefits of THC Wax

Take everything your regular marijuana products have to offer. Multiply the effects several times over and you will get the benefits of weed wax.

Recreational benefits of weed concentrate wax include a long-lasting high that’s hard to compare with anything else. Inexperienced cannabis users should try smoking or vaping wax with caution.

Cannabis wax is the ultimate painkiller. It can provide fast relief for all kinds of chronic and acute pain. It can be used to treat symptoms of many diseases. Consuming it in small amounts improves your mood and reduces stress. An overdose, however, can lead to psychosis or paranoia.

How to Use THC Wax

There are several ways to consume this product:

  • mixing it with herbal marijuana or tobacco and rolling a joint,
  • mixing it with a few nugs of dried flower in a bong,
  • smoking it with a special dab rig (you’ll need a blowtorch to light it),
  • vaping it through a vape pen (the most convenient way),
  • using small amounts of wax in edibles recipes.

Dabbing is the most popular way, as it provides an intense instant high.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the safety rules?

A: Consume marijuana wax in a safe environment. Don’t drink alcohol while smoking, as it will intensify the effects of wax even further. Don’t try it alone. Have some friends check on you.

Q: Can it be bad for health?

A: The health benefits of using THC products are well documented. There are no conclusive studies that show the detrimental effects of using wax.

Q: Can I make some wax at home instead of buying it online?

A: Making DIY wax is extremely dangerous. It requires using flammable substances that can explode. Don’t try it.