Flav Mango Belts 1000 Mg

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Flav Mango Belts 1000 Mg


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Looking for a delicious THC-infused treat? Try Flav Mango Belts! These chewy candies are both tasty and fun. Each bag contains 1000mg of total THC, so go ahead and pop one open to enjoy!

Discover mouthwatering bliss with Flav cannabis-infused gummy belts. Available in 9 tart flavors, these sugarcoated belts provide a euphoric snacking experience. With only the finest ingredients, our delicious award-winning gummies provide controllable dosing with uncontrollable fun.

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The bag of Flav Mango Belts 1000mg candy contains 10 pieces, perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying solo. Flav Mango Belts are ideal for social gatherings, as they are easy to share and have an individually dosed amount. We suggest eating a few pieces, waiting 40-50 minutes for the effects to set in before consuming more.

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