Baby Jeeters Infused Blueberry Kush 2.5G

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Baby Jeeters Infused Blueberry Kush 2.5G


Baby Jeeters Infused Blueberry Kush 2.5G


Blueberry Kush is a tropical Indica strain. Its sweet and tangy terpene profile is characterized by notes of citrus, berries, fresh damp earth, and tropical flowers. When smoked, it has a flavor reminiscent of its a fresh blueberry.

Baby Jeeters Infused Blueberry Kush 2.5G is a delicious blueberry flavor. . With some grows boasting THC levels as high as 30%, Blueberry Kush is a potent strain that can induce feelings of euphoria, giggles, happiness, relaxation, and upliftment. Its flavor profile includes notes of berry, citrus, earthiness, flowers, sweetness, and tropical fruits.

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