Packwoods El Chapo Kief Infused Blunt | 2 Grams

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Packwoods El Chapo Kief Infused Blunt | 2 Grams


Packwoods El Chapo Kief Rolled Blunt 2 Grams

A strain-specific infused blunt by Packwoods El Chapo is an energizing yet mellow, 70/30, Indica-Dominant hybrid descendant of the legendary AK-47. It offers a pleasing range of head and body effects from talking and laughing with friends to peacefully watching a sunset.


Packwoods El Chapo Preroll Marijuana Delivery – Buy Packwoods Online

Packwoods El Chapo Prerolls are filled with 2 grams of top shelf, lab tested, hand broken cannabis. The flower is packed into a 100% tobacco free, slow burning natural leaf wrap, and dusted in kief. An engineered glass filter is used at the tip to ensure a consistent and smooth draw from start to finish. These are the perfect prerolls to share with a group of friends, or smoke on all day long. Just one preroll is filled with 2 grams of flower, so there is enough to keep you company for hours. Packwoods are one of a kind, delivering hard hitting effects with a surprisingly light taste.


Two grams of lab-tested, hand broken, premium flower infused with high potency concentrate, dusted in kief, hand rolled in a 100% tobacco free wrap.

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2 reviews for Packwoods El Chapo Kief Infused Blunt | 2 Grams

  1. Melissa Isom

    These are GREAT! They are very much worth the money!!

  2. sandra.blanton

    Enjoyed very much ,,, com an relax

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